From our friends at Red White & Bourbon:

There are some states where the best whiskey bar is not up for debate. Jack Rose in D.C., Delilah’s in Illinois, Husk in Tennessee, and Canon in Washington all find no rivals, while Seven Grand in L.A. might take issue with someone calling Hard Water in S.F. California’s best. Haymarket, OBC and Bluegrass in Kentucky, among others, all make pretty convincing arguments and now that No. 4 Char is closing, New York is wide open. Here in Colorado, we have a number of reputable whiskey bars, and they all do a great job keeping their back bars stocked and their bartenders smart, but when you’re in Colorado and you want whiskey, it is no secret that you want Bull & Bush.

If you have never been to Bull & Bush, you may look upon me crowning a brewery as Colorado’s best whiskey bar as some form of favoritism or thinly veiled quid pro quo since I picked a barrel of Four Roses with them, but I think this post will quickly vindicate my claim. In no way am I diminishing bars like Colt & Gray, Williams & Graham, Arvada Tavern, Pints, White Chocolate Grill, West End Tavern and the rest, but the bottles those bars have, Bull & Bush has too, and the bottles that keeps Bull & Bush a local favorite among whiskey enthusiasts can be found nowhere else in the state.

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