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DRAFT MAGAZINE selects Royal Oil as one of the 25 Best Beers of 2016

Draft Magazine | November 4, 2016

The 25 Best Beers of 2016

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Here's what they had to say about our beloved Royal Oil...

"Brewed for more than a decade, Royal Oil finally entered bottles last winter, and earned an impressive 99-point score from our judging panel.  It's the perfect sharing beer, not only because its 13% ABV encourages small sips, but because it drinks elegant and celebratory.  At least 18 months of barrel-aging lends sherry and maple syrup richness to the sip before transforming into marshmallow, graham cracker and toast.  The alcohol is well-hidden, just warming the chest."

Thanks to Draft Magazine for their very kinds words.  We're ecstatic that they enjoyed it as much as we do.


Written by John Hazelwood — November 07, 2016

ZAGAT - 16 Hottest Spots for Beer in Denver - by Lori Midson

Perfect for: the craft beer snob

More than 50 years of history and tradition lend a remarkably unique vibe to the Bull & Bush Brewery, a beloved bar that feels as cozy as your well-worn cowboy boots. But while it pulsates to a casual beat, the 42 craft drafts tally up to a beer snob's bliss. From heavyweight barley wines and brown ales, to experimental beers and sour power, it's no wonder that the passionately composed syllabus, which ballyhoos more than a dozen house-brewed beers, attracts a never-ending parade of hopheads. Insider tip: Along with its regular beer roster, there's also a "barchive" list of a dozen beers co-owner Erik Peterson pulls from the coveted Bull & Bush vault.

by Lori Midson, ZAGAT, 4 April 2016  full article

Written by John Hazelwood — April 06, 2016


October 5, 2015 by redwhiteandbourbon

This past weekend I helped organize a group tasting of 15 different private barrel selections of bourbon and rye from all over Colorado. The bottles were broken up into three groups based loosely on style or brand, each group advanced two bottles to the finals, and then the entire group voted on the finalists to declare a winner.  Read the whole article by clicking here...

Written by Erik Peterson — October 10, 2015


From our friends at Red White & Bourbon:

There are some states where the best whiskey bar is not up for debate. Jack Rose in D.C., Delilah’s in Illinois, Husk in Tennessee, and Canon in Washington all find no rivals, while Seven Grand in L.A. might take issue with someone calling Hard Water in S.F. California’s best. Haymarket, OBC and Bluegrass in Kentucky, among others, all make pretty convincing arguments and now that No. 4 Char is closing, New York is wide open. Here in Colorado, we have a number of reputable whiskey bars, and they all do a great job keeping their back bars stocked and their bartenders smart, but when you’re in Colorado and you want whiskey, it is no secret that you want Bull & Bush.

If you have never been to Bull & Bush, you may look upon me crowning a brewery as Colorado’s best whiskey bar as some form of favoritism or thinly veiled quid pro quo since I picked a barrel of Four Roses with them, but I think this post will quickly vindicate my claim. In no way am I diminishing bars like Colt & Gray, Williams & Graham, Arvada Tavern, Pints, White Chocolate Grill, West End Tavern and the rest, but the bottles those bars have, Bull & Bush has too, and the bottles that keeps Bull & Bush a local favorite among whiskey enthusiasts can be found nowhere else in the state.

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Written by Erik Peterson — September 03, 2015


The whiskey you are about to read about is unquestionably the best barrel of Four Roses every picked. No one before or after will find a barrel this good, this elegant, refined, or this unjustly overhyped by the person that helped pick it. I single handedly (along with five others) selected the best barrel in the entire Four Roses rickhouse system (from the five samples they sent) and it is without a doubt the best bourbon I have tasted (in the last month or two).

Ok, maybe its not that good. But its good.

The first Davidson’s barrel of OESQ from February 2014 was my favorite store pick of the 20% rye OE recipes, and this Bull & Bush and Grapevine Liquor barrel of OBSO is my favorite store pick of the 35% rye OB recipes. There is something special about the way the flavors balance, how the heavy rye profile remains approachable but rich, and how the older age and darker color has zero indication of the profile compared to younger, lighter barrels. There is little subtly or nuance, just big woody sweetness, ripe dark fruits, and big cocoa and zipping spice.

What is also interesting about this barrel is that from a group of six, made up of three serious beer drinkers that dabble in whiskey, two serious whiskey drinkers that dabble in beer, and one of the owners/brewers of Denver’s Bull & Bush Brewery/whiskey bar, everyone picked this barrel. I have witnessed a half dozen selections, and always ask how the sampling played out when a new barrel comes into a store, and I can’t say I have ever heard of a barrel that was unanimous to such a wide variety of palates.

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Credit: Red White & Bourbon July 20, 2015

Written by John Hazelwood — June 24, 2015



Unfiltered Wheat Beer
6.0% ABV

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Photo by Kyle Cooper

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DRAFT MAGAZINE selects Royal Oil as one of the 25 Best Beers of 2016

Draft Magazine | November 4, 2016 The 25 Best Beers of 2016 See the whole article by [clicking here] Here's what they had to say about our beloved Royal Oil......