Hop Inciter™

Customize Your Beer

Order any Bull & Bush® house beer, and have it served in The Hop Inciter™ with your choice of 5 different varietals of whole-leaf hops from Roy Farms in Moxee, Washington.

This is every Hopheads dream come true, and you can customize the effect yourself! It works to add great hop character to malty beers, or to really make the hops come to life in hoppy beers!

A general guideline is to let the hops steep in the beer for at least 5 minutes, as you go longer you will greatly increase the intensity of both flavor and aroma.


Images of beers in the process of being "dry hopped" at the table using the Bull & Bush Brewery Hop Inciter
Logo image for the Bull & Bush Brewery Hop Inciter.

Just like wine grapes, hops come in different varieties with all sorts of different aroma and bitterness profiles. Everything from citrus, pineapple, raspberry, and apple to rose, geranium, bell pepper, almond and mushroom! 

The best craft breweries are searching out and using hops with special aromas and flavors, and they’re adding them at all stages in the brewing process to create a special balance of bitterness, aroma and flavor. 

Some brewpubs like Bull & Bush® Brewery are even finding ways to add hops right in front of the customer, just before the glass is tipped, in their quest for the finest expression of hops in beer! Enjoy Whole-Hop Infused Beer, only at Bull & Bush!

Roy Farms is a family-owned and GlobalGAP certified hop farm that just celebrated it’s 106th consecutive hop harvest in the Moxee Valley of Washington.

A measurement of potential bitterness in hops.
Helps create bitterness from oxidation.  This affects the long-term storage of beer.
Hop Storage Index, used as an indicator of ‘hop freshness’


Alpha Acid% + 1/2 of the Beta Acid%. Old school thought, when all hops were low alpha there was the potential bittering from Beta Acids.
A signature hop for American Pale Ales; Pine, Resinous, Citrus, Grass.
Alpha Acid: 8.5% Beta Acid: 5.8% HSI: 0.225 Brewing Value: 11.4%
Distinct piney aroma like a pine forest washed with exotic spice and infused with grapefruit.
Alpha Acid: 14.9% Beta Acid: 3.8% HSI: 0.254 Brewing Value: 16.8%
Mild and pleasant; a delicate blend of spices and flowers.
Alpha Acid: 4.2% Beta Acid: 6.5% MSI: 0.224 Brewing Value: 7.4%
Strong, heavy and herbal; spicy aroma and high bittering value.
Alpha Acid: 15.9% Beta Acid: 4.4% MSI: 0.254 Brewing Value: 18.1%
Herbs and spices dominate; flowers and citrus around the fringes. Saaz like, noble spice peppery.
Alpha Acid: 11.1% Beta Acid: 6.5% MSI: 0.235 Brewing Value: 14.4%


GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.