Bull & Bush Brewery

The Legend of The Liquid Brain Imperial Stout

Experience The Legend of the Legend of the Liquid Brain.
This Bull & Bush Brewery favorite was lovingly brewed then aged patiently in whiskey barrels for 12 months prior to bottling, where it sat and matured slowly for another 180 days before we put the labels on and made it available to an anxious audience.
The chocolatey, malty goodness is thick with lacing that performs a gentle ballet on the side of a glass.
12% Alcohol By Volume
Available in 16.9oz bottles at the Bull & Bush Brewery and at select Denver-area retailers on a very limited basis.
March 11, 2014:  Inventory at the Bull & Bush Brewery has been exhausted.
The Legend will return in 2015.



Unfiltered Wheat Beer
6.0% ABV

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