Bull & Bush Brewery

“Behind Every Good Beer Is A Trusty Brewery Cat.”


It is with broken hearts and the deepest sadness that we must share the news that everyone’s beloved Lollipop has passed at the age of 15.
As a kitten, he lived with two little girls and found shelter under a former rabbit hutch (maybe where he got his refined taste for rabbit and stealthy hunting skills!). Between the ages of one and two, he was adopted by a kind and generous family on a ranch in Sedalia, Colorado where he took ownership of his duties as Head Barn Cat.
He patrolled the ranch for 11 ½ years while training many other would-be mousers and outlived them all, except his brother Fozzy.
Since November of 2017 he had been part of the fabric of the Bull & Bush Brewery performing such duties as official greeter, team member confidant, maestro brewery mouser, and loyal companion.
Lollipop was more dog than cat, and the ultimate ham. He never met a person he didn’t trust or like and was always wanting of a good petting in exchange for your acquaintance.
Lollipop will be missed by the thousands of guests that were greeted by a friendly meow on the front porch of the Bull & Bush Brewery.
Although Lollipop will never be replaced, we are looking to Lollipop’s protégé, Fozzy, to pick up the torch and fulfill the lofty duties honed under his tutelage.
A Farwell To A King



Unfiltered Wheat Beer
6.0% ABV

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